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September 12, 2006

Windows Live Essentials Dashboard beta

Filed under: software,windows live — Jason Hartley @ 7:19 pm

Windows Live Essentials Dashboard brings several Windows Live products into a single interface to easily launch the select Windows Live services. The Window Live Dashboard shortcut is automatically placed in the ‘Startup’ menu during installation to launch Windows Live Dashboard at user login. At Windows login, after the Windows Live Dashboard is opened, you are prompted to login to Windows Live services using a Windows Live ID. You can have multiple Windows Live ID’s configured and saved in the Dashboard to choose to login to. The Windows Live Dashboard login screen shown in figure 1.


Once you Login on to the Windows Live Dashboard, you get a list of available Windows Live services to install or update on the left of the dashboard, and Windows Live services which are ready to use on the right of the Dashboard. The Windows Live Dashboard is shown in figure 2.


You can minimize or close the Dashboard, and then use the System Tray utility to launch Windows Live services or exit the Windows Live Dashboard utility. The System Tray utility is shown in figure 3.

As far as the beta program– with only four applications published through the Dashboard it is of very limited use. However, I do look forward to other services being added to the service and made available through the Dashboard. This will make it simpler and more convenient, compared to going to the web site, to discover new Windows Live services as they are launched.

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