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June 2, 2008

Microsoft Parallel Extensions to .NET Framework – June CTP

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The second CTP (Community Technology Preview) for Parallel Extensions to .NET 3.5 Framework (June 2008) was released today by Microsoft. Parallel Extensions simplifies development by providing library-based support for introducing concurrence

into applications written with any .NET language. It includes:

  • Task Parallel Library (TPL) – which provides imperative data and task parallelism
  • Parallel LINQ (PLINQ) – which provides declarative data parallelism
  • Coordination Data Structures (CDS) – which provides support for work coordination and managing shared state.

This CTP provides several improvements over the first, including CDS, a new scheduler that is more robust, efficient, and scalable. TPL also exposes new functionality, including methods for continuations. PLINQ now runs on top of TPL, clarifies order-preservation, and provides several new operators.

This download works with the .NET Framework 3.5 as a simple, small-footprint installation that drops a single DLL, documentation, samples, and registers the DLL with Visual Studio 2008.

Download the CTP from the Microsoft download site. See this MSDN Blog Post on the Parallel Programming with .NET Blog for more information.

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